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04-29-2011, 01:22 AM
Well I am not impressed with the new forum. Too many buttons to press. I much preferred the old forum where everything was on one page.
But that is just my opinion. Can't see myself checking 6 different sections every day.


Gary W
04-29-2011, 11:04 AM
Hi Phil,
Like anything, the more you use it the easier it becomes. As you know, the previous forum contained all the same kind of information but it was all mixed in together. I like the way it is now separated into sections. Plus there are a lot of nice extra features. I am still learning myself and getting more comfortable with it.

Gary W

05-01-2011, 03:03 PM
I'm on a couple other guitar forums, this is exactly the same set up. guess I'm used to it. I wish it tied in a bit more with the home page, and maybe a section for reviews, and guitars, but I like it so far. Especially the fact it has none of the bickering and drama other sites seem to waller in.

Gary W
05-01-2011, 03:17 PM
Hi Cajun, I put your request through to Admin regarding a section for guitars and equipment... Did you not get my message?
Please keep in mind we are all learning how to move through this new forum format and the site owner still has a lot of things to do.
I don't have a lot of tolerance for drama, etc., lol. That happens when you get old. A lively exchange of ideas is always welcome, but if they start to get out of hand we mods will step in.

05-09-2011, 12:04 PM
New forum added.