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06-28-2011, 05:10 PM
I first heard this song in the 1960's and want to know who wrote the words and music.

By ? As sung by Jessie Enloe, in 1960ís

1. I am but a pilgrim stranger as I travel here below,
A citizen of Heaven, I am happy as I go;
The world may think me poor and pass me by with scornful pride,
But they don't know I've treasures on the other side.

On the other side, treasures there have I,
Treasures that this world and all it's wealth could never buy;
So, when I reach that city, and the gates swing open wide,
I'll find my treasures waiting on the other side.

2. Some may have their houses, some their land and gold,
But in the Bank of Heaven, I have wealth that canít be told.
The moth and rust cannot decay and thieves can neíer abide,
My treasures are all safe upon the other side.

3. You ask me why Iím happy of things of which I boast,
Iíve said goodbye to all the world and things that charm me most;
Iíve had a vision of my Lord, who for me bled and died,
Heís the greatest treasure on the other side!