View Full Version : After a few years, I finally found the Christmas song I have been searching for.

12-21-2011, 01:09 AM
A few years ago my Dad passed away but before that, I was trying to create a CD for him of all his old favorite songs that he enjoyed years ago. And with lots of help from the great people who are members here, I was able to collect a lot of those songs. One song stumped every one and Christmas after Christmas I would post looking for this song. The only lyrics (at the time thought they were correct) were "get off that stool you still fool, you can't sit there all day, I said why she said cause, that's no place to take a rest and you're not Santa Claus". Any ways I did more searching and was able to locate the song on youtube.com. The singer was Marvin Rainwater and the song is titled "Get off the Stool". The lyrics aren't exactly how I remember them from my Dads singing... but was just happy to be able to finally hear the song that he was all the time singing. On a side note, "Marvin" is my maiden name so thought that was pretty cool...LOL.

Wishing every one here a wonderful Holiday!!!

12-21-2011, 06:28 PM
Thanks for posting the good news Proudmomma I remember the original posting and I'm glad you were able to locate the original.
All the very best for Christmas and besure to get them younguns in bed early on Christmas Eve.

Best regards reddevils