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Thread: help with a song......

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    help with a song......

    im trying to think of a song im hoping its country, as im posting on this site. dont let me confuse you, because i think it may be sung by highwayman, but it may not be. and i may even have the names wrong something about;

    bobby & suzy were married.....something something......bobby killed her......he put his house up for bail.......he got off ona technicality....

    i know its not much to go on, but its all i can remember. its driving my wife and i crazy! many thanks everyone

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    It is as far from country (and Bluegrass) as you can get.
    It is a "rap" song called "Kuruption" by a group called Kurupt. It has some language not suitable for our forum, however, the second verse is:
    "Now Bobby and Susy were unhappily wed
    So Bobby shot Susy in the back of the head
    Bobby got taken to the county jail
    He put up his house and he walked on bail
    Now Bobby's on the streets he's free as the breeze
    He saved up his loot for his legal fees
    He spent his whole bank quote on attorneys
    Who got the case dropped on technicalities"

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    ThaTs it!! As u can see by my past posts and requests, my music interests vary widely! I'm a big everlast fan. I just haven't listened to him in years. Gonna hav to dig up some old CDs lol. Many thanks guys. I think I was confusing it with "the road goes on forever" by highwayman. Thanks again Gary!

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    And thanks sparky for sending it my way

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