Good Morning All!

I've been looking for these songs for quite awhile now, so hopefully you folks can help me out. it's a rather lengthy list, and I prefer album or studio versions over live versions.

Rodney Crowell- My Past is My Present
Billy Joe Royal- Searchin' for Some Kind of Clue
Lee Greenwood- I'll Be Lovin' You
Lionel Cartwright- Like Father, Like Son
Mickey Gilley- Full Grown Fool
Barbara Mandrell- My Train of Thought
Jennifer McCarter- Up and Gone
Crystal Gayle- Only Love Can Save Me Now
Janie Fricke- When a Woman Cries
Rosemary Sharp- If You're Gonna Tell Me Lies - Didn't You Go and Leave Me - Real Good Heartache
The O'Kanes- Blue Love

Any help would be much appreciated and Thanks in advance

Smokin' Joe