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Thread: Hope somebody can help

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    Hope somebody can help

    I would like to find the title of a cowboy song from way back,possibly by either Burl Ives or Marty Robbins.I was only a boy when I used to hear this played by my older brother.I am talking 50s/60s here.

    Now here comes the hard part.All I remember is that who ever was killed by the cowboy,over the grave grew a bush/tree forming the letter T .This pointed to the killer name.

    I await with fingers crossed.

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    I searched every combination I could think of using the info you gave, but came up empty.
    Perhaps someone will know what this is.

    If you can remember some words from the song that might help.

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    Thanks for looking.I have trolled the web looking ,but to no avail.

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    S U C C E S S !!!!!FOUND IT !!

    Burl Ives....The Legend of the T.

    You can hear it on spotify.

    It's on Burl Ives album....A little bitty tear the Nashville years,Vol.3

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