I used to use Freecorder 4 , my hard drive crashed , I got a new High Capacity installed , Freecorder will no longer work , tells me I need to update Explorer , did that with the same results . I went out and purchased a Roxio easy CD & DVD program , it states it will support my window's XP , . I ripped a few audio tracks from Video , it shows it recording and tells me recording successfully completed , however when I play them back I have no sound , the sound is not muted on the program or on my Windows media player , any ideas , I tried to get in touch with Roxio support , a few general hints , but they want you to pay for any tech help .

I am about ready to kick this computer and Roxio program into Cyber Space "GEEZ "
I am so mad I am sure I could Squeeze a Grape with my Bare hands LOL