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Thread: Ripping Vocals From Videos

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    Ripping Vocals From Videos

    I used to use Freecorder 4 , my hard drive crashed , I got a new High Capacity installed , Freecorder will no longer work , tells me I need to update Explorer , did that with the same results . I went out and purchased a Roxio easy CD & DVD program , it states it will support my window's XP , . I ripped a few audio tracks from Video , it shows it recording and tells me recording successfully completed , however when I play them back I have no sound , the sound is not muted on the program or on my Windows media player , any ideas , I tried to get in touch with Roxio support , a few general hints , but they want you to pay for any tech help .

    I am about ready to kick this computer and Roxio program into Cyber Space "GEEZ "
    I am so mad I am sure I could Squeeze a Grape with my Bare hands LOL


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    Hi Fitzie, I remember the days when I was young and strong and could actually squash a grape with my bare hands too.

    Can you send me a track and I'll have a look at it? Send it to my aol mail.

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    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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    Down in the right hand corner of your main page there should be a little megaphone, which is your sound controls.

    If you double click it.

    You'll be given some options and click on it.

    Make sure where it says wave that it is checked, and at full volume.

    If you're recording something off the internet, make sure the only two things that are checked are master volume and wave.

    Both set at highest volume.

    Hopefully that well help you out.

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