Buddy Jewell - Times Like These
1.If She Were Any Other Woman
2.Me Lovin' You
3.Back to You
4.So Gone
5.You Ain't Doin' It Right
6.Addicted to the Rain
7.I'd Run
8.Dyess Arkansas
9.Glad I'm Gone
10.Times Like These
11.Run Away Home

Andy Griggs - Naked
1.Old Timer
2.Understanding Hank
3.Heart Hush
4.You And Cocaine
6.I Wonder Do You Think Of Me
7.De'm Boyz
8.Thrown Away
9.Long Time Coming
10.Angel Flying Too Close Too The Ground
11.Between An Old Memory And Me
12.Blue Train
13.Me On His Mind

Josh Thompson - Turn It Up
1.Down For A Get Down
2.Turn It Up
3.Cold Beer With Your Name On It
4.Wanted Me Gone
5.Hillbilly Limo
6.A Little Memory
7.Drink Drink Drink
8.Left This Town
10.Hank Crankin' People