On Sept. 2nd 2014 , a large part of of my life was taken from me , our darling daughter Sheila was taken from us 39 years old , I was shown her a pic in our local paper of one of her co- workers and less ten 10 mins later she was gone . my wife Katy and I tried to revive her with not results , the paramedics were there with in five mins and worked for over an hour , but sadly it wasn't to be , We still don't have any answers to what caused her death , she was a diabetic , on an insulin pump , the M.E. said it had nothing to do with any of her major organs , and an answer if any may be 6 to 8 months . Does anyone have a song that may ease some of this awful pain I am feeling , loved my girl so much ,I don't think I am ever going to get through this

Fitzie Jim