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Thread: LeAnn Rimes question - Promo Only Canada Country Radio - January 2011

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    LeAnn Rimes question - Promo Only Canada Country Radio - January 2011


    You never let me down before, so maybe someone can help with this puzzle? Promo Only Canada Country Radio CD for January 2011 shows as #14 Beautiful Every Time by LeAnn Rimes. I thought that this was a typo because #15 is the same title by Lee Brice. I first thought it might be Crazy Women, but the February 2011 CD has that song listed at #2. They would have it twice.

    What was song 14 on that CD?

    Thanks in advance.


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    The Promo Only site informed me that it is a typo on the site. Everything is correct, except the title. The correct title for # 14 is “Crazy Women”.

    I forgot to mention to them that "Crazy Women" shows up as track #2 for Feb 2011. I'll let you know what they say about that.

    UPDATE: I just received this info about Crazy Women as track #2 for Feb.
    Hi Gary – unfortunately, it is correct. The source of the typo was actually our main music database, which because we originally had the wrong title in, the track got slotted for the next issue and re-used… We try to avoid that whenever possible, but unfortunately, it wasn’t caught before the issue went out.
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