Still posting Hank Williams III tabs and you won't post my Hank III Karmageddon tab. If you happened to notice site operator I quit submitting tabs because someone fails at the operation of their own website. I have no less then 30 tabs that aren't on this site that could be submitted but why, the disrespect is overwhelming. And you want someone to work the forum for free while you cash in on the web hits to the website(cowboylyrics being the #1 google webhit when searching for lyrics I know that pays well), what a great way to take advantage of others, living off others generosity.

I'm not upset at all, I just figure others that visit this site might like to know the apparent double standard there is when it comes to submitters.

While we are at it the fact that the site operator allows users to freely exchange copyrighted files in the forum is against copyright laws, but that doesn't matter. You don't see site operator parading around labeled site operator and violating copyright laws.

Have a good Easter.