Billy Paul Tabs - performed by Vince Gill
Written by Vince Gill

(D) (A) (D)
(D)What made you go crazy, Billy Paul?
Was it true love or too much alco-(A)hol?
Was your back all the way against the wall?
What made you go crazy, Billy (D)Paul?

(D)You were my friend for nearly twenty years
You loved my dirty jokes and ice cold (A)beer
Tonight my eyes are filling up with tears
Cause it’ll never be the same without you here

(D)When your picture cam across the evening news
Said they found a woman dead up in your (A)room
Well I hit my knees and prayed it wasn’t true
Man it killed me when I found out it was you

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental of chorus

(D)Now I’ve seen you at your best and now your worst
The best of you is what I’ll remember (A)first
We’ll read your momma’s favorite Bible verse
And then watch you ride away in that old hearse

(D)Well I know you’re ashamed for what you done
The only choice you thought you had was just to (A)run
Pride always gets the best of everyone
True forgiveness lies with the Father and the Son

Revised Chorus
(D)What made you go crazy, Billy Paul?
Did you think you couldn’t face those prison (A)walls?
Why’d you have to go and end it all?
What made you go crazy, Billy (D)Paul?

Repeat Chorus

(submitted by aahl - 3-3-2012)