Gary I have tried to find these chords on the net but they are unavailable. Could you please chord them for me in your own time. It is not on Youtube. I have the MP3. I have sent you the MP3. Many thanks. Eleanor

Slippers With Wings Sung by Kevin Collins

Susie was three when she first blessed our home
We loved her as much as a child of our own
Her little legs were all twisted and frail
But it was never meant for Susie to be well

In her little bedtime prayer she would say
Lord I know you've been busy today
But if you get some time please pretty please
Could I have some slippers with wings

She loved to watch the kids in the playground nearby
They'd call Susie's name she would wave and say hi
Tiny teardrops would leave the window stained
It was never meant for Susie to complain

She would say to her brown puppy dog
Little Skippy I know it won't be long
Till I run and play tag like my friends
Gods sending me pretty slippers with wings

Susie turned four and her little legs turned weak
Pain took it's tole and the colour left her cheeks
Christmas eve came and we gathered around Susie's bed
And these are the last words she said

Mommy, mommy there's a man dressed in white
Daddy look he is shiny and bright
And he's holding some ribbons and some string
Around a pretty pair of slippers with wings

And if ever I am certain of one certain thing (Slowing)
Susie's wearing golden slippers with wings