In another post I had put a link to my version of Rita McNeil's song "Workin' Man" that I had recorded on my computer. Sparky made the mistake of implying that it didn't suck too much. You can blame Sparky for this post because she is the one that encouraged me, lol.

I’ll use this spot to put links to some stuff I have done while sitting in front of my computer and messing around with my little recorder and guitars over coffee, beer or a martini and sometimes a combination of all three. My audio quality control is done by my cocker spaniel Molly. When I start playing/singing and Molly doesn't run out of the room and head upstairs, I save that recording. She runs out of the room a lot.

I will keep adding to this list as I get things done and in some cases I’ll show the lyrics and chords as I do them.

1. “WORKIN’ MAN” (written by Rita McNeil)

2. “OLD ZEB” (written by Larry Kaplan)

3. “JEANNE’S WALTZ” (instrumental made up by Gary W)

4. “CUTE LITTLE SQUIRREL” (written by Gary W)

5. “JUST A RAMBLIN’ GUY” (written by Gary W)

6. “BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND” – instrumental (written by Bob Dylan)