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Thread: Wagon wheel chords

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    Wagon wheel chords

    Just looked up the chords to OCMS Wagon Wheel on this site. You have them in G, but the band play in A. Can you add a note to readers that capo at 2nd fret will let folks play along with Wagon Wheel from the album or Youtube cast?

    Thanks and keep up the good work, from Tipptoggy of Billy O'Dwyer Bob and the Sorrya** Blues band .. Google for us.. original country and Americana from Ireland.

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    Thanks for the post. You are correct, however this forum is separate from the main site where anyone can submit lyrics/chords/tabs.

    You can go to the main site at:

    Then click on Add/Correct Lyrics and you will get a page that allows you to suggest "Capo 2nd fret" be added. Make sure you add the link to the lyrics/chords.


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    Thanks, good stuff!

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