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Thread: John Fogarty & our late friend Mike Callow

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    John Fogarty & our late friend Mike Callow

    I know he's not really country , but is still one of my favourites . On Sept 10th , last monday , my wife and I were treated to one of the best concerts ever , John Fogarty , he played in Halifax Nova Scotia . My youngest son and my daughter got me tickets for father's Day , we had great seats never missed a thing . This guy hasn't lost a thing , stills sings and moves on stage like a young Buck , two hours of non stop fantastic music . Kate and I love all his music going back to CCR , he did a mix of CCR and his own , including MIdnight Special , nobody does that one quite like he does . The thing that suprised me was there was almost as many of the young generation there enjoying the concert as there was the sixties generation , I guess great music is great music , no matter young or old .
    The only thing I will miss when I write this , is a smart ass reply from our late friend , and great friend to the forum Mike Callow , he would likely reply with something like " HEY OLD HIPPIE JIM ! AFTER LISTENNING TO THAT STUFF , YOU BEST GO FLUSH YOUR EARS OUT WITH A FEW HOURS OF GOOD OLD COUNTRY MUSIC " ,
    Take care everyone Fitzie

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    Good stuff, man! Thanks for sharing!

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