i think this will be a cool thread for JJ fans. who knows, maybe spill over to other artists. im looking for songs that are NOT on any studio albums. studio versions or live or compilation/colaboration albums. i'll start with what i have and hopefully we all can share what we have

Do you believe me now (vern cover) live
Two out of three aint bad (meatloaf cover) live
I saw the light (hank sr cover) live
Are you sure hank done it this way (Waylon cover) live
Dinosaur (live) (dont know origin)
Yesterday's Wine (duet with blackberry smoke)
Rules of the bar (live)
Nothing was better than you (live)
You take me for granted (live)
This Time (waylon cover) studio cut
LaGrange (zz top cover) studio cut
Four walls of raiford (lynyrd skynyrd cover) studio cut

anyone need any of these, let me know. hopefully we can all expand our collection with rareties